Here are some frequently asked questions and answers!

What license is the source code released under?

All the source code developed at Wayfinder is released under a BSD license, included in all the files.

Where can I download the source code?

The source code is hosted in several public repositories at github

Why is the code uploaded in so many different repositories?

The Java and C++ client source code projects are stored in separate repositories to make is easier and more straight forward to use e.g. Eclipse as IDE.

How can I contribute to improving the source code and the documentation?

Patches and improvements of both the code and documentation are strongly encouraged, please send them to oss[at]wayfinder.com.  Frequent contributors will be granted write access to both the source code repositories at GitHub.com and the documentation wiki.

Will more source code be released as Open Source?

Generally speaking, no. We are not able to release any other software as Open Source. There are several different reasons, e.g. for the Maemo version of the Navigator one reason is that none of the original developers were left at the company and thus we have not been able to verify use of 3rd party license software. There is however a small chance that some of the php/web related source code developed at Wayfinder, also will be released as open source depending on the availability of former team members.

Does Vodafone Wayfinder Open Source Software team guarantee that the open sourced technology does not infringe any Vodafone or third-party patents?

No, the licence text is the only document governing the use of the code. We are not in a position where we can give any guarantees that any particular use of the code does not infringe third party patents, or any other IPR. However, we are not aware of any such infringements

Is there other open source software included in this project?

Yes, there is some other Open Source Software used in the Wayfinder products. A thorough scan for 3rd party source code was conducted before it was released under the BSD license in order to avoid including source code released under a licence not compatible with BSD.

Where can I download Wayfinder clients to my phone?

This project is licensing the source code for many of the Vodafone Wayfinder products as Open Source – client applications for Wayfinder customers are not in the scope for this project.

Where can I find maps for country X?

Maps are not included in this open source project. However sample map data from both Open Streetmap and Tele Atlas has been made available. Please see the Downloads section.

Where is the Wayfinder on-board product (former Navicore)?

Unfortunately the source code for that product is not included in what is released as Open Source.