Welcome to Vodafone Wayfinder OSS

This is the original blog post announcing the open source project, there is no longer a forum or a test server available unfortunately

We are proud to announce the Vodafone Wayfinder Open Source Software project. The majority of all the location and navigation related software developed at Wayfinder Systems, a fully owned Vodafone subsidiary, is made available publicly under a BSD licence. This includes the distributed back-end server, tools to manage the server cluster and map conversion as well as client software for e.g. Android, iPhone and Symbian S60. Technical documentation is available in the wiki and discussions around the software are hosted in the forum.

Some pre compiled map data from various sources will be made available here shortly, including sample data for development by Tele Atlas.

For development purposes Vodafone Wayfinder host a small server cluster with free map data from the Open Street Map database. Unfortunately the Wayfinder Server is not developed to operate directly on this dataset making routing very unreliable, however, you are more than welcome to help out fixing those issues :-) . Please notice that this server instance is intended for development and testing of the software, not for large scale end-user services.


The operations of Wayfinder Systems has been discontinued since March 11th 2010, see media release, and after that Vodafone decided to contribute the software to the open source community. Please also visit www.betavine.net, hosting other Vodafone open source projects.